On-line Training


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On-site Training


Opto 22 offers FREE SNAP PAC System training classes held at company headquarters in Temecula, California.


Training includes:


> Hands-on instruction for PAC Project automation software, SNAP PAC controllers, SNAP I/O, and the groov Edge Appliance.

> Included are system components and configuration, networking capabilities, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and communication methods.

> Free breakfast snacks and full lunch every day

> Free Opto 22 T-shirt

> Free duffel bag with gifts inside



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OptoCertified Trainers



OptoCertified Trainers are certified to teach Introduction to the SNAP PAC System in the United States and Canada.

 International Training is also available.

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PAC Project Basic vs. PAC Project Pro software

Sinking vs. Sourcing

Accuracy vs. Resolution

PID Tuning

SNAP PAC Networking

What is a PAC?

SNAP PAC System Components



Build a system online with the groov EPIC Configurator or the SNAP PAC Configurator.


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